Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Several of you have asked what I do with all of that beach glass. Well, I don’t have a particularly good answer for you. I find a shockingly small number of pieces that I’d like to have drilled (or wire-wrapped) for necklaces, but for the most part? No plans.

Honestly, the big lure is twofold: It’s neat/unique to the Lake, and it makes a 2-1/2 hour, six-mile walk go by in the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, here’s my solution for now. I found a bunch of these large mason-type jars at Ikea last year. I have two that are full and three empty ones. Next time I’m in that neighborhood, I may see if I can pick up a few more. Cheap and highly functional.


Ooh, I didn’t put anything in that picture fore perspective. Oops. The jars are 8.5” high and have a 16” circumference, so they hold a pretty good quantity of glass.

In other news the Hubster gets a gigantic gold star for wearing his thinking cap while we were on vacation. At the end of our tour of the Darwin Martin house, they finish in the gift shop (much like every single ride at Disney). We both poked around for a bit before the Hubster called me over to take a look at something he’d found. A new floor mat!

We had talked about getting a new front door mat once all the stonework was finished. Neither one of us was a big fan of the one we had inherited (sorry, Mom!), plus it was beginning to fall apart and was molting all over our entryway.

On top of that, indoor/outdoor mats are obscenely expensive! At least the ones I had looked at and liked were more than I was willing to pay. But this one? That’s styled after Frank Lloyd Wright’s art glass? Very reasonably priced. I love it.


Gotta be efficient on Wednesday. I’ll try to WiP Wednesday you straight out of the gate, then I need to work efficiently in the morning. I have Barenaked Ladies tickets for Wednesday night in Cleveland, and I’m going with a friend I haven’t seen in about a dozen years. Can. Not. Wait.


Donna Lee said...

BNL? You lucky person. I hope it's fun.

I don't think you have to do anything with the beach glass. It's beautiful all by itself.

SJ said...

Love that doormat! We had the same kind of issues when we were looking for some. If they were horrendously ugly, they were shockingly overpriced. I wonder why that is?

Anyway, have fun tonight!