Monday, November 01, 2010

Life Happens

Sorry for the long blog hiatus. I got a little buried in life and let this slide. So what has been happening at chez DPUTiger?

I had a gigantic case of writers block, primarily because I decided to write something I really cared about. Story was finally posted here today. Four days late. I suck. But I’m proud of that story and happy to be able to feature two very special people that I consider friends. One more entry over there, and I’m done for the fall. We’ll see what happens in the spring.

In the middle of all that, I found out that a very dear friend from my days in California lost his battle with prostate cancer. On Thursday morning (in the middle of some massive technological difficulties with the interwebs), I found out that Ted was losing his battle. I cried most of the afternoon. If there was one person who eased my transition with that softball team from “on the outside, looking in” to a full-blown member of the family/staff, it was Ted. Years after his daughter finished her softball career and graduated from UCLA (in 2002), Ted was still coming to games, home and away, from his home in San Diego. Taking pictures. Distributing clip books to the kids at the year-end banquet, recapping every game of the season. Ordering “mom bags” for the new parents. Sending out newsletters via email after EVERY GAME and updates in between.

Today, his youngest daughter (the one who played on those first three teams of “mine”) sent out the last Ted Rahn newsletter to let us know that Ted passed away late Wednesday night, October 27. I feel fortunate that a “sixth sense” told me last spring that something was wrong. Ted told me of his diagnosis then, and we “talked” via email. We talked a bit about our friendship and how much he has meant to me. I’m glad Ted knew I loved him. He was one of a kind in the best possible way. When it warms up next summer, I will mix up Ted's margarita recipe and enjoy a big 'ol glass in his honor.

< / end sad portion of blog post >

Other news, in no particular order:

I had a phone interview for a job last Wednesday. No word yet. I have a feeling that’s bad news. If that’s the case, I’d say I’m disappointed but not crushed. The right thing will come along, eventually.

Two Saturdays ago, I went out to Chicago for the weekend with the Hubster. It was homecoming weekend at Northwestern and since he's a season ticket holder (no, really! He is!) for Wildcat football, he wanted me to come along. It was an exhausting trip, but it was a lot of fun and I'm very glad I went. Even though we had a row of jerks right behind us at the game. (Public Service Announcement: If you want to sit comfortably through an entire sporting event, I suggest purchasing luxury suite tickets or staying at home and watching on TV. Yelling "Down in Front!" at people who get up to cheer on a big 3rd down play or on a touchdown pass is just going to piss them off. Especially if the home team chokes late in the 4th quarter. Either stand up yourself so you can see or STFU.)

I was also able to spend Friday evening with my college roommate, which was fantastic. I hadn't seen Pantooties since my wedding in 2003, so it was great to hang out for a night. Yay, Facebook! (that's how we managed to reconnect after years of distance)

We got the storm-damaged trees taken care of. They brought a big ‘ol truck with a cherry-picker. No other way to deal with limbs hanging over a fence from a tree sitting on a 70-degree slope.


And when they were done, you could see why that ginormous limb came down. A big chunk of the center was missing!


I cut the first three dishtowels off of the loom. They are not giftworthy. I shall try again. Fortunately, there is plenty of warp left on the loom. Hopefully Round 2 will be a success!

All three of these towels are different treadling patterns on the exact same warp. I’m repeating these same patterns (in different colors). But I’ll probably cut apart these towels and may gift them anyway. To friends who have specifically requested reject towels. Who knew?


That’s a broken and (mostly) repaired warp thread in the center there. Holy uneven beat! (that’s why it’s stripey. It’s not supposed to be stripey.


This was the first towel of this set. Ironically, the beat was better. Possibly because it was the most simple treadling pattern. But my selvedges are a train wreck. Hey, I’m a beginner. It’ll get better!


Again with the hideously uneven beat! I will get better. I will get better. I will get better …

In other news, LeafWars 2010 started today. I still have a möbius to show you. And the WiP Wednesday thing. And a nearly-finished snake. I’ll get back into the groove over here. Thanks for understanding my absence.


turtlegirl76 said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Ted. It's good that you were able to connect with him before it was too late though. (hugs)

This uneven beat thing actually looks pretty cool. I honestly don't see what you see. They look great to me! And heck, they're dishtowels, right? Who's going to be looking at the selvages and beat? I just see cool looking gradient stripes.

SJ said...

So sorry to hear about your friend.

If it helps you to feel any better about your weaving, I think only another weaver would noticed the problems you're having. I think these towels look pretty incredible!

Donna Lee said...

If you didn't tell me that the "beat was uneven" I would think it was a design feature (and an attractive one at that!)

I'm sorry to hear about your friend Ted. Hugs to you.

Jenn said...

I'm very sorry to hear about Ted, but I'm glad that you were able to reconnect and that he knew how much you meant to him.

I think the stripes in the dishtowels look cool. :D When I did some weaving, I had to seriously concentrate to keep the beat even.

Sairy said...

I know the waiting to hear back about a job is tough. It could be worse tho, I waited a whole month to hear back about my current job - was about to give up and they called with an offer.

Hang in there.


Jessica said...

First, I'm very sorry for your loss. But how lucky to be able to have the time to say what you wanted to say. That is a gift.

Second, I love your weaving. And I am now going to forget that I saw it for fear of another craft bug biting me. ;-)

P.S. I need your mailing address you sweet sweet woman!!


floribunda... aka Julie said...

Amy, I see nothing wrong with those towels! (and I will not, WILL NOT take up weaving...)

So sorry that you lost an old friend recently. It reminds me to check in with one of my own, who's been mostly ignoring his prostate cancer for years now.

Anonymous said...

My brother Jim forwarded your blog to me. Ted was our brother. You nailed him spot on. Thank you for sharing your kind words about him. He loved being a part of UCLA softball and those in it. He loved to make a difference in peoples' lives...he just didn't know he was doing it. He was just making friends and conversation...a humble guy. Thanks again,