Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sleeve Island

I don’t normally get stuck on sleeves. Miles of stockingette don’t bother me at all.

But I’m on the island now.


Fronts are done. Back is done. First sleeve is nearly to the shaping. I have to wear long sleeves while I work on it because it’s making me itch (I’m pretty sure it’s the angora. I was worried about that. I’m thinking the fact that it took this long for me to start itching means I’ll be OK to wear it with long sleeves underneath. Once I manage to finish knitting it.)

The socks are getting tiny bits of air time here and there.


I put the markers for my arch expansion in yesterday, so progress actually is being made.

But last night? When I needed to knit during the baseball games? I just plain couldn’t face Nonpareil. So I jumped in on a Christmas present! That’s reasonable, right?


It’s a snake. The one in “Itty Bitty Toys.” It’s for my niece for Christmas. And yes, I did cast on last night around 7 and got 16” knit before bedtime. Yay for quick knits!


floribunda... aka Julie said...

very cool -- everyone needs a knitted snake! (I have one that I got as a gift a few years back; it lives on my desk.)

turtlegirl76 said...

Sleeve island sucks. But you'll get through it! Think of the finish line!

Donna Lee said...

Do you like the wooden needle holder? I've seen them in magazines and wondered if they were really clunky or easy to use.

I like the stripey snake.

SJ said...

I always do the back of sweaters first, because I figure it's the biggest piece and therefore will take me longest, so I should do it while the excitement is still there, but I always get slowed down by the sleeves, too. Maybe it's because they're so boring?