Friday, October 01, 2010

Blackstone Tweed

The more I peruse my LYS, the more impressed I am by Berroco’s line-up of yarns.

We’re starting a new Knit-a-Long next week for Nonpareil, a sweater knit in Berroco’s Blackstone Tweed. It’s been about a year since I participated in a store KAL, so I decided to jump in on this one.


Despite the fact that there are some amazing blues and greens in Blackstone Tweed’s line-up, I made a point of stepping out of my rut and picking something different. This is the “Atlantic” colorway.


It has a great texture and the tweed flecks work really well. It’s 65% wool, 25% superkid mohair and 10% angora rabbit. I was the tiniest bit worried that it would be itchy (I’ve had angora problems in the past) but it isn’t bothering me one little bit.


And I’d know, because I cast on for my sweater on Wednesday at Hurricane Knitters!


Loving it so far. Here’s hoping this sweater flies along!


SJ said...

I admired the yarn from the other end if the table the other night, but now I'm glad I didn't ask to pet it. ;-)

SJ said...

OF! OF the table! Sheesh. I think my word verification says it all -- nuters.