Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Project Monogamy

Pretty much all of my crafty time this week has been spent on Nonpareil. Back is done. Almost halfway through the second front.


I cut the first three dishtowels off of the loom, and sadly they are NOT giftworthy. Back to the drawing board. Here’s hoping the next attempt turns out a little better!

In honor of the pathetic quantity of content, here is a gratuitous puppy photo


Hi, Sydney!


Zonda said...

Nonpareil is looking good! Bummer on the dish cloths, guess your drawer will be stocked though ;)

Donna Lee said...

Great puppy photo. He looks wise and all knowing.

Nonpareil is such a pretty piece. Just enough detail for interest but a nice basic sweater.

SJ said...

Man, I feel like such a sweater slacker compared to you. Your Nonpareil is looking great.

I thought of you this morning when I got on the elevator at work. There was a sign posted for an event -- which the organizers correctly referred to as the inaugural whatever-it-was!