Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I’d Be Farther Along, But …

It’s been a two-project week. 95% of my knitting time spent on Thing A, and 5% on Thing B. Then there’s the weaving I’ve been ignoring and the sewing project that Must.Get.Done.Today. that I haven’t started yet.

Don’t worry. Should only take me a couple of hours to knock that one out.

Oh, and I’m blogging for pennies again. ::sigh:: It’s a good thing. I hope.


The 5% project is my poor Musique socks. They got a few rounds of air time during CelticQueen’s birthday dinner last Thursday night and that’s it. These poor socks may be on the needles until we ring in the new year.


And, hogging all of my crafting time, has been Nonpareil.


It’s the store Knit-A-Long at Bloomin Yarns. The KAL officially starts today. As a store employee, I need to be a little ahead of the curve so I can help our knitters as they move along through this project.

I’d be farther along, but last night I realized a pattern-reading fail and had to rip out about 3” of knitting over 100-ish stitches. I got back to where I started with the correction (re-knit all the yarn I ripped out) but it took a while. ::sigh:: That probably means I should be done with the back of the sweater by now. Oh well.

The weaving is moving along. Not as quickly as I’d like, but it’s moving


And that’s about it. FO post tomorrow, I hope.

Oh! And Happy Birthday to my favorite brother!

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Jen said...

Wow - I can't believe how far you've gotten on that sweater in just a week, while working on other things!