Monday, January 17, 2011

A Full Weekend

Yeah, I know it’s not Wednesday, but here’s what I’ve been up to.

After work on Saturday, the Hubster and I watched a few minutes of the Steelers disastrous first half, then headed downtown. We watched the second half (fun!) at the Sharp Edge downtown and when we walked outside to head for the Benedum, we could hear Heinz Field from over a mile away. Very, very cool!

Side note: If the “Mary Poppins” musical comes to your town? Go out and have a nice dinner. Then come home and watch the movie on DVD. That, you will actually enjoy. The musical was below-average and very slow. We were both bored.

Since I last checked in, the mittens are zipping towards the finish line. I’m pretty certain I’ll have a FO post for you later this week.

Mitten Guts!

I got this quilt back from my machine quilter back in June, and it still needs binding. I’m hoping to get started on that in the next day or two.


It’s a queen-sized quilt with a wool batting and flannel back. I want it on our bed post-haste, since it should be very warm.

I also got the loom out of the corner and warped. Yesterday, I figured out some of the differences in rep weave and knocked out the first mug mat. A few more hours of productivity today, then I’m hoping to put a few more mats on the “finished” list. Here’s the first one:


My next weaving project is waiting in the wings. I should really start winding the warp now, as I know many people have had problems running out of one of the colors. If I’m gonna have that problem, I should figure it out soon so I can get the additional rug warp on its way.


Here’s hoping my time management continues to improve and I can get done as much as I want to get done this week!


turtlegirl76 said...

A mug mat! Awesome! That seems like a perfect project to practice techniques on.

The mittens are looking good! Is that a liner you're working on now?

SJ said...

LOVE that quilt! Also love the look of your next weaving project!

Jessica said...

Congrats to your team. Love the mittens! The quilt is beautiful too! I'm going to try and ignore the weaving because the idea of a little schacht loom keeps entering my head and it needs to go away. no money! no time!!!