Sunday, January 02, 2011

A Successful Re-Do

When I found out the navy/green scarf was the wrong color, I definitely had a bit of a panic mode going on.

My loom, which had been folded up and put carefully in a corner for the month of December, spent a few days squarely in the middle of my living room so I could get this replacement scarf woven.


This scarf was for Euan, Scott’s older brother. And it’s in the colors of his high school. I had double-checked the HS’s proper colors, but it turns out that when he attended, the colors were navy and gray but it later merged with it’s “sister school” and changed to navy and green. Gah.


The re-do was worth it, though. Apparently, when Euan opened his scarf at the family Christmas exchange, he commented that it was in the proper colors.

My original plan for this re-do was to use Cascade 220 Superwash Sportweight for both colors, as I had done in the original. Unfortunately, when I trooped out to Natural Stitches to pick up the yarn, I discovered that the gray in that yarn was so dark that there was nearly no difference in the value of the colors. So I had to punt.


I picked up a skein of Nature Spun Sportweight in a roughly equivalent yarn weight. It’s not superwash, and it absolutely felted a bit during wet finishing. It was also a lot fuzzier than the Cascade. Didn’t love it. But the final product was worth it.


Euan’s Christmas Scarf

Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash Sport and Nature Spun Sportweight
Colors: Navy and Grey Heather
Quantity: 3 skeins navy, about half a skein of grey
Width on Loom: 10”
EPI: 10
Finished Size: Forgot to measure this one too. Oops.
Started: 5 December 2010
Finished: 6 December 2010

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Donna Lee said...

I know you are using yarn to weave with but it's so tightly woven that it looks like threads. Just beautiful. The loom looks huge. I'll show that to my husband when he comments that my wheel takes up space....