Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our Long HPWT Nightmare Is Over

I can’t figure out why, but this pair of socks took longer to finish than my first few pairs did. And it felt like those took decades to finish!


This pair was started in July. Yes, July. As in six months ago. The first sock of the pair was finished in Gettysburg, on the way to weaving class at The Mannings. In August.

Plain and simple. Just the way I like my socks!

Talk about sock mojo taking a vacation! Holy cow! In any case, these are my basic Riverbed socks, and I barely looked at a pattern to knit them. I used my very favorite toes, the garter toe, and was off to the races from there.

Toe Pic!

This yarn is one of Roxanne’s Art Walk shipments from Zen Yarn Garden. I love her yarns so much, and one of the things that was particularly fun about this specific skein is that every so often I’d be knitting along watching the gold, blues and greens pass through my hands and there’d be a tiny little fleck of red.


Basic Riverbed architecture with New Pathways heels. Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off, yadda yadda.


I hate to think of all the miles these socks logged as they were hauled all over creation. A stitch or two here, a stitch or two there. But now they’re finished. And I’m plotting my next pair of socks!


Musique Socks

Pattern: Riverbed Master from New Pathways for Sock Knitters by Cat Bordhi
Yarn: Zen Yarn Garden Superwash Sock
Colorway: Musique, from the March, 2009 Art Walk club shipment
Yardage: a 375-yard skein, I’d estimate I used about 80% of it
Needles: US 1/2.25mm Hiya Hiya 16” circs (2-circs method)
Started: 19 July 2010
Finished: 22 January 2011

Now you know why it felt like I’d knit more than three pairs of socks in 2010. You were seeing WiP Wednesday shots of these socks off and on for six months!


SJ said...

Yay for finished Musique socks! I think you were a bit busy with other stuff (new craft, anyone?) and that's why they took as long as they did. I mean, we all know you could have zipped through the second sock in a day or two if you really needed to. But why knit a plain sock when there are more exciting things to do?

Donna Lee said...

I gave my Musique socks to my daughter for Christmas. She loves them. I loved them, too. Just plain old socks, cuff down, flap heel, kitchener toe. Roxanne makes such beautiful yarns that the socks can't help but be gorgeous.

Celtic Queen said...

Maybe your mojo will rub off and I'll finish my Eternal Knot blanket.

turtlegirl76 said...

I love how the bind off just pops out of the whole cuff. Very cool. Glad your mojo has found its way back to you!

elementalfibers said...

Awesome as always! Love the colorway, too. Very "you".

DrChopSuey said...

Those colors are amazing! I am also always inspired to be a better knitter by your projects... the stitches are always so precise and pretty! You can really tell with these socks and that yarn. :)

Jessica said...

I think my sock mojo curled up and died somewhere so I feel your pain. They are lovely though! I just hope the mojo comes back before SOS this year...