Wednesday, October 05, 2011

WiP Wednesday

Sorry I’m late today. It’s been busy around here!

So most of my knitting time has gone into my Swirl sweater.


It’s chugging along. I’ve bound off for the neck, but the biggest problem? I’m freaking out about running out of yarn.


See that puny-looking skein of Tosh DK? That’s it. That’s the list. There is no more (although I’ll see if we have more at the store when I go in tomorrow).

I’m also on my last skein of Rios, although that situation is looking better. Which is good. I KNOW there isn’t any more Rios in my color at the store.

So I’m trying to knit quickly. Out run the dwindling yarn supply and all that. Meanwhile, I’m using ALL of my scraps. Fingers crossed for me, please!

In other news …


Weaving! Yay! This is my Penn State Fibonacci stripes doubleweave blanket that the Super-duper Sara at The Mannings helped me plan. It’s Cascade 220 in navy and white.

Those of you with sharp eyes will notice that the carpet is a different color under the loom. We moved it into the front room on Saturday night. It fit!

OK, well I took off the reed, both the front and back beams and all eight harnesses and we had to stand it on its end to get it through, but IT FIT! And it’s happily ensconced in its new/permanent home. Hooray!

I have a bit of organization to work through in the next few days (around my writing duties. Eep!), then we’re truly past renovation-land and in the awesome shiny new layout. Hooray!


Jenn said...

Fingers crossed for yarn luck for you. I'm looking forward to seeing the swirl completed.

Donna Lee said...

I was going to remind you of the fact that you work in a yarn store and have access to more yarn.....I imagine you can order more? the swirl is really pretty.

And there's something about Navy and White together that is so crisp and clean and just Right feeling. I can't wait to see the woven blanket.

SJ said...

Fingers are officially crossed!

Can't wait to see that blanket. It's going to be so cozy!

Mim58 said...

The Swirl is beautiful! Hope the yarn lasts.

floribunda said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that if you knit faster you'll outrun the yarn!