Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WiP Wednesday

The Swirl has taken a very small bit of knitting, but not enough to be worthy of a new photo. I did find another skein of the Tosh DK at the store, and it matches the in-progress skein just fine. I also found one more unwound skein of the Rios, so I’m all set yarn-wise. Crisis averted.

Otherwise, the finishing binge ate a good chunk of my available crafting time. I did, however, have one new project that popped up.

The store’s Fleece Artist/Handmaiden order that was placed at TNNA has started to trickle in. The latest siren songs are coming from the basket of Handmaiden Camelspin, a luxurious blend of 70% silk, 30% camel. I spent a week wondering what on earth I could knit with it, because I really wanted a skein.

See? Can you blame me?

Two Saturdays ago, a customer fell in love with our store sample for the Churchmouse Annabella’s Cowl pattern. (Ravelry link) And the gears in my brain started turning. Thursday night, I paired the Cameslpin with the Blueberry colorway of Blue Sky Alpaca Silk, and I was off to the races.


I’m through the first skein of the Alpaca Silk (Camelspin = 300m, Alpaca Silk = 133m/skein), so I’m slightly more than 1/3 of the way through. It’s perfect walking around knitting, and so luxurious.

It’s nice to treat yourself every so often.

And crap, I just remembered that I have the PSU blanket threaded and almost ready to weave, but I didn't take a picture. So you'll just have to take my word for it. Here's hoping for an in-progress picture next week!


Jenn said...

There's never anything wrong with treating yourself, that's gorgeous yarn! :)

SJ said...

I agree completely with Jenn -- absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself to a gorgeous skein of luxury yarn!