Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WiP Wednesday

Sooooo, the Swirl took a swim yesterday. The wash water was almost navy as it went down the drain. Here’s hoping most of the loose dye is gone.

It’s currently drying via fan in my old bedroom. With any luck, it will get its seam and I’ll be wearing it by the end of Hurricane Knitters tonight.


Last week was pretty much focused on the Swirl, unless I was in a waiting room here or there. That’s when my cowl came out.

Cowl accompanied by possibly my favorite project bag purchase EVAR. It’s a Stitched by JessaLu bag, and I really love it!

I joined the second skein of Blue Sky at breakfast on Thursday morning. I’ve chugged along adding about 9” since picture day last week. The darning needle marks the spot where I joined the new skein.

And with that, it’s back to the grindstone. This is a horribly busy week for me, so rest assured that I'm writing as fast as I can.


Jenn said...

Ohh! Looking forward to seeing the swirl in action. I hope the business isn't too crazy!

Zonda said...

Can't wait to see Swirl, it's such an interesting construction. I've yet to knit my cowl, looks like a good mindless knit...(note to self to wind yarn for it ;)

SJ said...

You know, all this time, the whole swirl thing hasn't excited me -- until I saw the picture of yours all pinned out. WANT! Looking forward to seeing it in person tonight!

Jenn said...

Wow, somehow I must have missed the last installment of Swirl, either that or you have been knitting like crazy! It's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your finished swirl!!!! It look gorgeous! Love the look of that cowl... What pattern is that?