Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Great Birthday Treat

As you may remember, I had a birthday shortly before I departed for Oklahoma City.

One of my incredibly awesome Aunts sent me a birthday card. That’s something she always does, but this year she stuck a little money in the card. I didn’t think a whole lot about it while I was out of town, but yesterday I saw a story on NPR’s website that really caught my eye.

If you ask the Hubster, I guarantee he’ll say I already have too many mugs in this house. But when I found the mugs on Starbucks’ website, they’re just $10. And since the aunt who supplied the nice birthday gift doesn’t buy anything made in China, I think she’ll approve of my purchase.


I love it. It has already gotten a bath and is ready for action. Yay, East Liverpool, Ohio! And YAY to a big corporation helping out a little guy. THAT is something I'm completely willing to support financially.

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