Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Herringbone Möbius

There are a few perils of working at a yarn store. One of them is walking in to a new shipment of yarn when it’s immediately obvious that you’re going to call it George. It happens to me about once a year, usually in the fall when the new stuff comes in.

You may remember seeing these beauties showing up on this here blog a few weeks ago:


Manos Maxima, and they're beautiful. After working with them, I would say that my initial instinct was correct. Malabrigo with better variegated colors. Very nice.

So I picked a project that would show off the yarn. A simple Möbius with a stitch pattern that was going to look good on both sides.


I picked the “Herringbone Rib” stitch from the Harmony Guides. I’m sure it’s in the knit/purl book, but I pulled card #32 out of my “101 Stitches to Knit” card box. Why use the cards instead of the book? The cards are charted. The Harmony Guide book is not.

I also did my “standard” möbius bind-off, an applied I-cord. I love the way it looks and for me, that makes the extra time and yarn worth it.


Oh yeah. The bind-off. I kind of ran out of yarn when I was about 60% finished with the bind-off. Fortunately, I knew that CelticQueen had purchased this same yarn out of the same shipment and she was kind enough to let me mooch enough of her yarn to finish my project.

It’s longer than I had planned (oops) but I’m still a fan. I forget how much I enjoy möbius knitting until I have one on the needles. Then I remember. Must remember more often!


Herringbone Möbius

Pattern: Card #32 from 101 Stitches to Knit by Interweave and Cat Bordhi’s Möbius cast-on
Yarn: Manos Maxima
Color: Beehive
Yardage: 2+ skeins, roughly 500 yards
Needles: US 9/5.5mm KnitPicks Options
Started: 14 September 2010
Finished: 2 October 2010
Mods: Not really a mod, but I cast on 304 stitches for a multiple of 16 to work with my chosen stitch pattern, which means each round was 608 stitches or 38 repeats. Probably should have done something more like 256. Oh well.


turtlegirl76 said...

Ooh I love how long it is! And the neutral colors are awesome!

Donna Lee said...

I love those colors and I really like how they blend but stand out. It's gorgeous.

Sarah said...

Looks great! I can only imagine how cozy that will be all wrapped around your neck. I think you'll appreciate how big it is when we have those 0 degree without wind chill days in January and February.

Zonda said...

So glad you found more to finish! It's lovely. Great color distribution. Should keep you warm and toasty :)