Tuesday, July 19, 2011


You guys know I don’t do lace. I’m not a fan of yarn overs or holes in my fabric. So it takes a really special pattern for me to stray from these guidelines.

Margarethe, a pattern by Kate Gagnon Osborn in the book Vintage Modern Knits is exactly that kind of pattern. I saw the book sample shawl live and in person back in March when Kate and her Kelbourne Woolens partner Courtney Kelley came to Bloomin’ Yarns for two days of classes and trunk show. I fell in love (as did my friend Dianne and CelticQueen, both of whom also knit this shawl)


I actually snapped up the required amount of Road to China Light before we closed on Saturday afternoon, and cast on the 400+ stitches that night. I was garter bordering away by the time I was back in the store on Sunday afternoon.


I think I’m a pretty good knitter, but it’s always good to stretch your skills. This shawl starts with the long lace border and shrinks as you go along. I really felt like the lace border knit me. In all honestly, I probably knit it about 2.5 times all things told.


There were several froggings and many lifelines involved in this border. At least twice, I had to run to my “lace whisperers” at Bloomin so they could figure out what I’d screwed up and get me back on track.


I learned how to do bobbles


This was a great knit, and I’d recommend the pattern. My one and only disappointment came when I laid out the shawl after its blocking bath. And realized that one skein discharged more dye than its same-dyelot-neighbors.


It’s becoming less noticeable to my eye when I see the shawl in person, so that’s a good thing. The yarn was great, the pattern was great. I doubt I’ll knit it again, but I’m certainly happy with the outcome of this shawl.



Pattern: Margarethe Lace Shawl by Kate Gagnon Osborn (available in the book Vintage Modern Knits)
Yarn: The Fibre Company Road to China Light in Smoky Quartz
Quantity: 5.5 skeins, far less than the pattern called for (7 skeins). I have no idea why.
Needles: US 5/3.75 mm and US 6/4.0mm
Started: 5 March 2011
Finished: 17 April 2011
Mods: Heh. That’s funny if you think I would/could modify a lace pattern. No mods.


floribunda said...

Beautiful! I love projects that start at the widest part and get smaller -- so gratifying. I just wish I were more of a "shawl" person!

Jenn said...

Yay, you did it, and it looks great! :) Monica from NS had the same problem with a cardigan that she knit with Road to China, one section came out lighter than all the others. Very odd...

turtlegirl76 said...

Beautiful! I'm so proud of you! A shawl and a lace one at that! Cue the flying pigs!

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

It's lovely! Congratulations on your bit o' lace shawl.

Zonda said...

It's gorgeous! Well done!

Sarah said...

Congratulations -- you can now call yourself a lace knitter! ;-)

It looks so soft and cozy and beautiful. Bummer about the dye bleed, but the good news is that it won't affect the warmth and coziness, right?

Donna Lee said...

It's a great pattern. I've never done one where you start large and get smaller. I like knitting lace. There's something satisfying about blocking out a knitted piece and seeing an intricate pattern and thinking "I did that".