Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Knitty UFO's

So I promised a look at some of my knitting UFOs (Un-Finished Objects). This is just a small sampling. I have another pile of stuff needing various stages of finishing, as in sewing pieces together, picking up button bands or necks or whatever. I'm getting better about learning how to do that stuff, thanks primarily to my friend Beth (a knitter who quilts) and our awesome friend Irma at Beach Knitting.

The #1 thing I'm currently working on are my Rowan Pocket Sweaters. Both knit in Rowan's All-Seasons Cotton yarn. One in blue (denim, on the right) and one in a really awesome seafoam green(left), both vareigated. The pics are both just of the "trunk" of the sweater. Both sleeves are done on the blue, and I'm halfway through sleeve #1 on the green. The rib feels like it takes for-ev-er, but it looks pretty great, huh?

The project I cranked on over the weekend was my Sirdar purple denim. This is ultra-uber-mega chunky yarn, so it goes QUICK. US 13 needles. This pic is of the in-progress front, which has since been finished and attached to the back via a three-needle bind-off. Once I get the sleeves finished, I'll whip that thing together. I have a blue vareigated in this same yarn that is currently on display at beach knitting. Somehow my measurements got SNAFUed when we did the sweater wizard pattern for the blue one, so it could fit three of me in width and is about 4" shorter in length than I'd really like, but it's still a fun sweater.

After letting this project "age" for most of the winter, I am now once again chipping away on my black cashmerino. It's a simple slip-stitch pattern that will grow up to be a cardigan. This is one of the front pieces, and still the first (and only) piece I have started on this sweater. Black Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran with soiree yarns as the "sparkly stuff." Looks great, but I swear that the soiree is ALIVE. US 8 needle if I remember right. Sweater Wizard pattern.

The one that's really starting to call my name is this green beauty. It's a really simple cable sweater and I'm knitting it in Debbie Bliss merino. Can't remember the weight, but it's on a 10.5 needle. LOVE IT!!! Both fronts are finished. We made some sizing adjustments, so this is probably going to be kinda big on me, but I don't care. The problem with the sizing adjustments are that it changes the decreases, which is what stalled me on this project. Oh, did I mention that I have amazing buttons lying in wait for both the black cashmerino and this sweater? Boo-Ya!

Next on the agenda is this Tahki cotton colors vareigated short-sleeve pullover. All the pieces are knit, so yes. It's just waiting to be sewn together and have the neck picked up. *sigh*

I have more UFOs that I haven't photographed yet, but figured it was worth starting with this bunch since it was handy when I had my camera fired up on Sunday. I have other things that are closer to being finished, not to mention three sweaters on display over at Beach Knitting. I'll get more photos soon.

I'm also planning to take some pics of what I'm up to on Friday Night at Bearly Stitchin. Maybe tonight I'll have the energy to get my quilting cabinet cleaned off, since that sure didn't happen last night. Instead? We watched "Pride of the Yankees" and I started cranking on sleeve #1 for the green pocket sweater. An OK trade in my book!

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