Thursday, August 31, 2006

Picture Pages? Not today!

I admit it. I'm in my office early and avoiding going to work out. I'm also taking tomorrow off, so today needs to be an efficient day. Wish me luck with that!

All of my digital photos are at home, so this post will be picture-free unless I edit it later. I've been a busy little knitter this week. I finished both sleeves for my green pocket sweater and have been cranking on my Cherry Tree Hill short-sleeve sweater. What I think is going to be the back is knitted to 13.5" and sitting on a holder. The front is about 2" farther along than that.

Why is the back sitting on a holder? Because as many of you know I have been shrinking steadily for about 6 months. (intentionally, and with medical supervision. Thankfully, I"m almost done!) Right before I left on vacation, we figured out how many stitches I needed to cast on for the new smaller me, but didn't have time to figure out all of the arm-hole decreases.

This leads me to my next issue. I've been knitting another shell with Evita yarn. I had a lot of problems with this yarn until I put it on my addi turbo needles, and now it's much less cranky. The problem is that I knitted about 12" on this sweater. Months ago. Which means that if I keep going on this pattern, I will swim in the sweater when it's finished. So I need to bite the bullet, frog the damn thing and start over. *sigh* I have so many projects waiting for me! The worst part is that this particular project is on a 7 needle, the smallest size I can stand, so it's going to take me quite a while to re-do what I'm going to have to rip apart. And, Ii'm not 100% convinced that this yarn will be in re-use shape once it has been frogged, but it's useless to me in its current state.

When I was at Beach Knitting on Sunday, I bought one more skein of sock yarn. Why? Because they're having a sock knitting class starting next Saturday, and they prefer that you buy your supplies at the store. I think that's a perfectly reasonable policy, since that preference is front-and-center on all of their literature. Anyhoo, I have another sock pattern that I got from Jen who is the author of one of my favorite knitting blogs (thank you!) so that might be the project I take to football on Saturday.

Well, I need to suck it up and go sweat. I'll try to post pics of my pretty sock yarn from Beach Knitting later tonight, and if I get ambitious, I'll post the Cherry Tree HIll pics. As with any hand-dyed yarn, the front and back are looking quite different. Apparently, I grabbed one skein that is much more white than the others, and the white skein has been knitted into the back of said sweater. It will work out. Now I just have to figure out which project is going with me to the Rose Bowl as a time killer on Saturday! Oh, and go work out. Buh-bye!

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