Monday, August 21, 2006

OK, so I'm going to give this a try!

Hi, and welcome to my blog! I’m still learning, so please bear with me. I started reading blogs over the summer when I was hoping to move back to the east coast and closer to my family – a good way to find new knitting and quilting shops based on my intended destination(s). I figured this would be a fun way to keep my Los Angeles quilting and knitting buddies up on what I was working on.

Sadly, the move east fell through when I didn’t get either of the jobs for which I interviewed in July. [Note: I totally understand the decision of the “northern” school, but am still shaking my head about the decision made by that “other” university. I’m over it. I guess.] Sooo, here I am doing a blog so my techno-challenged mother can see what I’m up to, and I can share with other primarily work-related friends who don’t live in Southern California.

So who am I? I’m 35. I’m married. I work in college athletics doing PR work. Most of the time I love it, so I guess I’m head of the game. We live in Redondo Beach, Calif., but we hate Los Angeles and can’t wait to move back east. That will have to wait until the end of the upcoming school year. I have a lot more free time now than I will between February and June, so you’ll have to bear with me when I go a while between posts.

I started quilting in the summer of 2000. I got lucky and when I threw a dart at a board and purchased my first sewing machine, I hit the bulls-eye when I bought from Bearly Stitchin’ in Pasadena. I now own four sewing machines (Bernina 150 QE, Brother PQ 1500, Viking Designer I and Brother 400D) and a serger. My quilting area has been under three feet of crap for six months, so I’ve primarily been sewing on Friday nights at Bearly. The top of this inaugural post features a pic of my most recent project: a snowman row-robin made from the Clothworks “Let it Snow” line of fabric done with my bestest quilting buddies Lisa and Carol. Beth joined the bandwagon for the Halloween row-robin that’s up next. Look out!

Since I travel a lot with my job during the aforementioned “busy season” between February and June … and because I think “hand” is a four-letter word when it comes to quilting, I also knit. Much easier to take with me on the road! I’m working on about two dozen sweaters at the moment and just went a little nutso at the Santa Monica Fiber Festival last Friday. Pics of that adventure to follow. I didn’t get around to downloading the photos I took last night off of my camera. Instead, I finished picking up so our cleaning people could do their thing this morning. Yes, I know it’s nuts to clean for the cleaning people but hey – everyone does it! :)

So, that's my opening salvo. Hope you enjoy my blog!

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