Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Yep, It's a Monday!

After a relatively scary weekend (starting a new wardrobe from scratch with my cousin. It was fun and it was necessary, but this is NOT my regular cup of tea!) that was somewhat light on crafty stuff, I faced a Monday in my office.

On pretty much an annual basis, there is one moment between August 15 and December 15 that makes me want to quit my job and walk out the door. What scares me is that today was that day. I don't want to get into exactly what it was, but those of you who know what I do for a living can probably decipher what I'm talking about. I was up at 6, in my office by 7 and got cranking on my "Monday stuff" so I didn't get over to the gym until about 1:30. Threw some weights around, showered, went back to my desk. Finished the one last thing that HAD to be done today. Then what did I do? Went clothes shopping to finish out Saturday's expedition. Ugh. The good news? I tried on a size 6 pair of pants at J.Crew and they FIT. I can't believe it!

The bad news is that I didn't get home until 9. I'm probably going to finish off the second sleeve for my green pocket sweater then go to bed. But, I wanted to blog a bit since it has been a while since I've been online.

On Friday night, I went to Bearly Stitchin' for my 6-midnight Finish a Project "class." I did a lot of cutting out for my halloween row robin that I'm doing with Carol, Lisa and Beth, then got stitching. I'm making the Duck Tracks block off of Quilters Cache. "center" color is the orange pumpkins. Green fabric is the "background" fabric and the small squares are in the black fabric in the second photo. I'm using Thangles to make the half-square triangles. You can see those in the top photo as well.

Once I finished doing the Thangles for the halloween block, I put that aside in favor of the blocks for my M&M mini-group. 8" finish blocks in black and white with one color. I really wanted to do something to extend myself a little bit for this exchange since I have more time than on the previous two projects, so Beth showed me how to do a type of paper piecing using freezer paper. It's awesome as long as your iron is hot enough (mine wasn't) and your presser foot doesn't get gummed up on the resulting freezer paper wax residue (mine did). I'm really going to get my quilting cabinet dug out from the foot of crap that's on top of it and get sewing. These blocks are FUN! It's the Best Friends block, also from Quilters Cache. First photo is of me needle-punching the freezer paper. Second photo is of my very first "test block" that turned out just peachy.

I wound up going to Beach Knitting on Sunday, but I'll save that recap for later in the week. Hope all of you had a better Monday than I did! :)

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