Monday, October 09, 2006


Yes, that's as far as I can remember Pi

Why is this relevant? Well, it isn't. Except that between noon on Saturday and 11 pm last night (Sunday night), I drove on the following freeways: 105, 605, 210, 134, 101, 405, 91, 5, 805 and 8. How crazy is that?

Those last three freeways were added to the list yesterday when Chris and I went to San Diego for the Chargers-Steelers game. We drove down a little early and had a fantastic lunch at Marechiaro's in El Cajon. Can't recommend this place highly enough. Fantastic food, reasonable prices. Owners are friends of one of my softball kids and her family, so we've had a team meal there each of the last three years. YUMMY!

Then we decided to do a park-and-ride thing and take the trolley to the game. We parked two stops east of Qualcomm Stadium and we were there a little before 2 pm for a 5:15 kickoff. I walked over to Adventure 16 to kill an hour shopping. Didn't get anything significant, although I did feed my keychain habit. Hey, I walked out having spent under $20. Gimme a break.

The end result was that we had zero traffic on the drive south and it took about 2 hours on the nose. We left with three minutes to go in the game and had zero traffic on the way home -- we were in the garage just under two hours after getting on the freeway in San Diego. WOW!

Three notables from the game.

First, The San Diego Chicken was there. I couldn't get a pic, but at one point he had a sign that said "Chicken Seeks Date With (nbc logo) Peacock." This morphed into a woman in a truly hideous peacock costume doing a halftime skit with the chicken. Chris thought it was hysterical.

Two: pretty good seats for a second consecutive year. Here's a view. Too bad the fans were complete assholes.

Third: This was one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. After lots of Terrible Towel-waving pre-game, during the San Diego introductions (which took forever), all the Steelers fans just stood there and held up our Terrible Towels. there was so much gold showing in the stands. Very impressive. Here is a super crappy picture. All those blobs of yellow are Steelers fans holding up their terrible towels. The pic is so bad because I was trying to do the same thing :)

Block exchange tonight. I have a saga about the completion of my second block for the exchange, but I'll save that for either tonight or tomorrow. Have a great evening! :)

Oh, and THANK YOU for all the comments. Love it! :)

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