Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pumpkins, Strips and More Progress

Early this morning, well before the sun came up, I snapped a few pictures of my Halloween Row Robin blocks on my way out the door. Doing these rows with Lisa, Carol and Beth has been waaay too much fun and I'm looking forward to our next informal exchange/challenge. I have five of each of these blocks and a pile of coordinating fabrics.

Here's Beth's. Paper pieced in the "don't actually sew through the freezer paper" method. Wish I could remember whose technique that is. I think Judy Matheison?

Here's Lisa's block. Probably paper pieced as well.

Carol was working on these FOREVER. Those little orange squares on each side? They are 3D!

And here's my boring little block. Oh, these are all 12" finished blocks if I remember right. It'll make a nice big quilt whenever I get it done.

So what am I going to work on tomorrow night? I think I'm going to take my Picnic Plaid quilt that has been thisclose to being done for about six months now. My quilting thread, and my Brother 1500 which only sews a straight stitch. I'm going to do some cutting tonight and with any luck I'll start sewing on my Starr Designs kit that I've had for about five years (Kit is similar to this ... no applique and strictly primary colors).

Erin, if you are reading: My sis-in-law requested Halloween and St. Patrick's Day placemats for xmas presents. My quilting mojo has been in short supply recently ... mostly because quilting/sewing at home requires so much set-up and knitting is so much easier to sit down and do. Sewing time is going to be at a serious premium over the next few months. I think I can work in three Friday Nights between now and the end of volleyball season ... and that's if I'm doing really well and the team gets eliminated before the Final Four.

What this boils down to is that there's very little chance that I'll have your special request finished in time for the holidays. But please don't think I'm totally blowing you off. I'll get to them as soon as I can!

Enjoy whatever is left of your Thursday. I'll take pics tomorrow night at Bearly and will probably post again from the Rose Bowl on Saturday afternoon. :)


floribunda said...

yum -- love those Starr Designs fabrics! I have a bunch of their fat 8ths from PIQF a couple of years ago and have been reluctant to cut into them.

DPUTiger said...

heh ... That Starr kit was so sacred in my stash that I forgot I had it!!!. Can't wait to see it grown up into a quilt, though! :)