Monday, October 16, 2006

Why I Love my Sewing Buddies

I couldn't go to Finish a Project at Bearly Stitchin on Friday night because I was here instead. I'm usually so busy at these events that I forget about what I'm missing. Then I get an email or a phone call about what I missed and I get a little bummed.

So today, I was in my office doing boring routine Monday stuff. Then, this afternoon I got an email from Lisa. Apparently, on Friday night, Carol tried to fix my messed up exchange block. Here are the results of that endeavor.

I feel better now. Don't I have awesome friends? ;-)

I'm sure all of my M&Ms buddies have been eagerly awaiting the posting of the pics I took at our block exchange last Monday (Oct. 9). I decided it would be an absolute pain in the patoot to upload a bakers dozen photos to blogger, so I created a Yahoo! Photos account. You can go to this web address:

and check out the photos in the "M" folder. It was supposed to be "M&Ms BW" but apparently the ampersand truncates the file name. Who knew? Everyone is ID'd by name, holding up their blocks. The post-name numbers ('01 or '02) indicates if it was that person's first or second set of black and white blocks.

In case you're curious, we had an exchange in August with the rules of 8.5" blocks (8" finished), as many b/w fabrics as you want, but only one color ... could be anything color-wise, but had to read as a solid (think solid-looking batiks or moda marbles). Everyone brought two different blocks and we traded away. We decided that we liked these blocks so well that we'd lather, rinse, repeat and do the same exchange again with an Oct. 9 due date. Denise gets off the hook for the first set of blocks, as the Oct. 9 meeting was her first :)

Beth is not pictured with her blocks because she FORGOT ABOUT US and did a hit-and-run to drop off her blocks that night. Hmmm. She's had a bad week and we love her anyway. :) I also forgot to take a pic of her two blocks from the first exchange. Oh well!

Knitting-wise, I'm cranking right along. I finished my first Fuzzy Foot last night and got the second one started. If the felting process goes well on this test pair, it may become the xmas gift du jour.

I'll try to take progress photos tonight or tomorrow night. Hope all of you had a good weekend!

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