Saturday, October 07, 2006

I Love LA?

I've never really understood that song. Especially today. How's this for traffic suckage in a very large city:

12:30 pm PT: USC football home vs. Washington at a sold-out Coliseum (90K seats)
4 pm: UCLA football home vs. Arizona at the Rose Bowl (I'd guess about 80K fans)
5 pm: Dodgers home playoff game vs. Mets (50K + seats)
7:30 pm: LA Kings (hockey) home opener at a sold-out Staples Center (18K seats)

Not to mention the stairs race at the US Bank building downtown this morning and three other major festivals in the area. Getting anywhere isn't fun.

But, I ventured out early this morning. Stopped four blocks down the street to let the person at 2004 Vanderbilt know that after four consecutive days of calling UPS to say "hey, you dropped this package at the wrong address" the box is still sitting on our front porch and she can pick it up whenever she wants.

After gassing up (much cheaper now, thanks!), I did a hit-and-run at Beach Knitting to make sure I was where I thought it was on my sock. Here's a pic. :)

Then, I hit the REI October sale. Yikes. Got a new watch (digital. Needed it. Have been without a stopwatch-type watch since January), four t-shirts (none of the tshirts I love fit me any more, so they're heading to the Lake), an awesome skirt (yes, I said skirt), two sports bras, a workout top and I think that's it. Except for the watch, it was all on sale. Yay!

Then I stopped at the San Gabriel Bead Company. Got a few of the parts necessary for a yarn row counter bracelet. Then I headed to the Rose Bowl where I am currently blogging. Haven't figured out my path home yet. It'll depend on when the Dodgers game ends in relation to when we end and when the Kings start.

So progress shots. Here's an updated shot of my v-neck sweater. It's ready for the armhole decreases. Fire up!

Here's a shot of my Sugar Maple quilt. I finished it about a year ago and paid a friend with a longarm to quilt it. It's not warm enough for the bed once the temp at night gets below 60 (yes, I'm well aware that this makes it a summer quilt when we move somewhere with seasons) so it got a bath and will be packed away shortly.

Otherwise, here's my kick-ass group of friday night homies. We sewed at Sandy's house last night, and it was HER BIRTHDAY! :) Back row (L-R) is Lisa, Carol, Anne and myself. In the front is Sandy on the left and Beth on the right.

Oh, and it since it was Sandy's birthday, we had cake. YUM!

I didn't finish my block, but plan to tonight. No time to blog tomorrow, since Chris and I are going to San Diego for the Steelers-Chargers game. I have plenty of test shots for Yarn Pr0n and some other stuff to post later in the week. I'll take pics of all my black and white blocks after we swap on Monday. Have a great weekend!


C said...

Nice picture of us! The new camera works great. Doesn't even show Beth's potty mouth!

floribunda said...

I love your sugar maple quilt, and that cake looks fab! Did you save any for your blog-readers?

Anonymous said...

I thought you did not get the watch at REI???