Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm the Mayor

No, I didn't win an election (of any kind) and neither have any of my Roaming Gnome nominees (yet). It's just that my mom and Aunt Suzie have been in town since Saturday night.

I love having them here, and I love having the totally valid excuse to only spend half days in the office. But it's still tiring just having your normal routine disrupted. HOWEVER, the biggest bonus of having them here? They're doing my holiday "baking" for me. BOO-YAH!

Mom in the foreground, supervising the BlackEye dipping. Suzie is keeping the assembly line moving. Thanks again! :)

What have we done on this visit? We spent half of Sunday at Beach Knitting, then came home and watched the Steelers suck, again lose to Denver.

Monday, we went shopping. For clothes. For me. THANKS, DAD! :) Banana Republic enjoyed our visit, I'm sure.

Yesterday was particularly fun. We stopped by my Aunt Janet's house in Pasadena for a brief visit, then went to The Huntington for tea (YUM) and to tour the gardens. No pictures from tea, but afterwards we went walking!

First, to the Japanese Gardens. Wow. Very cool, literally and figuratively. When we walked down to where this bridge was, I'll bet there was a 20-degree temperature difference in the little valley.

Also, lots of koi in the pond. Big koi!

Here I am with Suzie in front of the house in the garden

And this is me with my mother. The goofy look on my face is because mom was torturing trying to tickle me while Suzie was taking the picture. She's good at that.

The Huntington was awesome. I'd love to go again.

Today, we were planning to go to LACMA, but lo! It's the only museum on the planet that is closed Wednesdays, not Mondays. Who knew?

So instead, we hit a couple of yarn stores in Santa Monica. First, a new store that has only been open five weeks. I found two skeins of Cascade 220 in colors that Beach Knitting doesn't carry. I'll probably go back. I enjoyed it. It's called Compatto and is on Wilshire in the 2100 block. Then, over to Wildfiber, where I found a skein of sock yarn, a set of straight cable needles, a mini-kacha kacha and two additional yarn needles. Mom and Suzie did OK too. I was the only one to purchase at Compatto.

That's it for the trip details. Mom and Suzie leave tomorrow morning to go back to Las Vegas for my cousin's wedding on Saturday. I'll try to post my knitting updates tomorrow. Really. :)

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mehitabel said...

Gotta love the Huntington! Next time, take Mom and Suzie to tea there as well. Especially at the holiday time, when they decorate to a fare-thee-well. I also think that it would be fun to sit and knit there--maybe on that lovely huge porch?