Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We Have Sleeves!

Sorry I have been so quiet lately. It's a busy time of year with the job (you know, the thing that lets me continue to buy yarn and fabric?)

I'll get to the actual knitting content shortly. Tomorrow is going to be a long, but kick-ass day. Why? BLAM!!!!! Yep, I'm going to the Barenaked Ladies show at Gibson Ampitheater in Hollywood tomorrow night. With good seats. But WAIT! It gets BETTER!

I would like to extend a personal, heartfelt thank-you to the NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball Committee. Why? Because they sent Ole Miss volleyball to USC for the first round. They are playing their games Thursday/Friday. That means that my best friend Bill, who works at Ole Miss, is here. In Los Angeles. As I type. AND I'm about 95% sure he can go to the show with me tomorrow night. WOO-HOO!!!!!

On to the fluff.

Meet Troy DERF-amalu. You saw a look at Mr. Bearamalu here. Since the Steelers have continued to stink not play well, we tried something else. Bear went back to what he was wearing last year -- my "off jersey" (I wear the jersey the team is wearing -- white or black -- he wears the other one despite the fact that is 10x bigger than he is). It's a little tight over his head, but Derf (that's Fred spelled backwards. He's a build-a-bear and he looked like a Fred to me. Then the hubster started on his Harry Caray riff about "Sosa spelled backwards is A Sauce." He's been DERF ever since) looks pretty cute in the jersey too, don'tcha think?

Next. As we have previously discussed, my office is a thinly disguised meat locker. I went in to the office on Monday in my workout gear, plus a sweatshirt and shorts (I sweat in spandex shorts-- nobody needs to see that outside the gym). After 10 minutes in my office, I was freezing, so I pulled out a fleece zip-up jacket that lives in my office for obvious reasons and used it to cover my legs. I shifted a few minutes later and felt something poke my leg. When I went to investigate what it was that hurt, IT DREW BLOOD.

See? Blood! Ouch! What caused this?


Whoever sewed this jacket broke a needle and didn't bother to find the business end. Which wound up in my leg. Then my thumb. The truly amazing thing is that I've had this particular jacket for more than seven years and Monday was the first time I ever noticed the needle. Scary. And impressive, in a weird way. The really odd thing? My first thought was OOH! Blog fodder!

Knitting content. Really. I now have both sleeves done on the purple V-neck. I'm hoping to have it finished and ready to wear in Omaha if I need to be go there in two weeks. We'll see, though.

OK. Off to watch Boston Legal on TiVo (we just finished Studio 60) then get packed up for tomorrow's busy but FUN day. I'll blog again as soon as I can squeeze a few spare minutes together. No guarantees when that will be, but I'll do the best I can. Have a great day! :)


turtlegirl76 said...

Holy crap! I know it's 7 years later, but I'd alert the company to it anyway. Couldn't hurt to fire off an e-mail. At least it was just your finger and not your ass.

Carol said...

Do you think that you could have been wearing the pants one time when you were sewing and a needle broke and caught up in your pants then???Of course that doen't make for as good a lawsuit as the factory goofing.