Thursday, November 16, 2006


Behold, my first ever pair of socks hand-knitted by yours truly:

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn
Yardage: one skein with a decent-sized chunk left over (what the hell am I gonna do with that?)
Source: Beach Knitting (where else?)
Needles: US3, using 5 DPNs
Pattern: Cuff-down, heel flap pattern generated by Sock Wizard, courtesy my socks class teacher (Charlo)

They were fun. Charlo, the Queen of Socks at BK, is doing a toe-up short row heel pattern for me that I'll pick up (and attempt to figure out) on Saturday. Socks may become my traveling knitting once I'm through my current Fuzzy Feet Frenzy, but as tempting as wonderful sock yarns are, I doubt I'll become a hardcore sock knitter. The hold-up? Teeny-tiny needles.

Sock #1 is on the right, Sock #2 on the left. How can I tell? The first sock striped perfectly the whole way down the cuff and the second one spiraled for a while then went straight down, then started to spiral again. Not only did I decide to not care, I really don't notice the difference. I don't know what that says about me as a sock knitter, but there you go. Either way, I must admit that I'm pretty damn impressed by my Kitchener Stitch-ing abilities. They look pretty damn good.

Oh, and one more awesome thing about socks? No seams and only two ends to weave in! :)

I've made a huge dent in the avalanche of duties that had me freaking out yesterday. This is good. I had to confront the co-worker I mentioned yesterday. This is not my forte, but I also feel good about that.

My only other even remotely interesting piece of news is that I got a flu shot this morning and my arm hurts where they poked me. Waaahhhhh!!!!

I'm in a holding pattern for some work stuff right now, but if I can get out of the office in time, I may go do something fun with the hubster tonight. We'll see. Meanwhile, have a great evening! :)


turtlegirl76 said...

They look pretty damn cool! I love the different striping pattern. Very cool.

As for the sizable left over chunk - how about a dream swatch from Knit & Tonic? I had fun making mine.

Lisa said...

Congrats on your first pair of socks.
They look wonderful!!!

mehitabel said...

Socks should always be "fraternal" twins, right? Right! Great work! And not to worry--the rest of the stuff will come together. And as for your folks moving, well, it's hard. I'm getting ready to do that to my kids, and I know they think it stinks!