Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Little Yarn Family

Last Wednesday, Beach Knitting was open late (they're open until 8:30 every other Wednesday at the moment ... next one is Nov. 29) so I stopped by for a little toe-finishing help on my second sock and got sucked in to the free class ... Christmas Stockings!

Now, I didn't jump on the bandwagon for the free pattern that Charlo was teaching. Nope. I already owned this book, and decided I wanted to take the plunge to knit the christmas stocking on the cover. Now, I'm not saying it's going to be for this Christmas, but I figured it would be a good first color-work project and it's really cute, so why not?!!!

So I went ahead and purchased three skeins of my new favorite perfect-for-almost-everything yarn, Cascade 220, in red, green and white.

While I was hanging around home waiting for the termite guy to spray on Saturday morning, I decided to swift those three skeins into balls. Green. Done. Red. Done. White?

Well, we had a little issue. After I pulled the slipknot and got the ends ready to start winding, I noticed a few other ends sticking off of the swift. Hmmm ... Here's what I wound up with

Yep. A little yarn family. I decided that for this particular project it's irrelevant, plus Cascade 220 is such a reliable yarn that I know that this particular hank was an abberation. Still, I took it back to Beach Knitting on Saturday just so Karen could see how it came off of the swift (remember, scissors never touched this yarn once it was in my possession. I un-did the "knot" by hand!)

Of course, Karen decided that she needed to photograph the little family of yarn balls, at which point someone else suggested that they could be arranged in a different manner:


In other news, I have some mild progress to report on the purple sleeve:

On my third try, I got the toe on my toe-up short row heel sock completed correctly. (No picture today. I forgot!) I had a little trouble on the first rows past the "point" of the toe on the first two tries. Then my only issue is that apparently I picked up my stitches through the wrong part of the crochet chain for my provisional cast-on, so I had to un-pick my waste yarn by hand. Live and learn, though! And bring on that second sock!

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