Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Coming Up for Air

I have been neglecting Ye Olde Bloggity Blog, and for that I apologize.

The real job kicked my ass last week, and after a brief respite it took a huge swipe at my sanity in the first two days of this week. I felt like I was spending every day catching fly balls, but had no idea where they were coming from. One would come from right in front of me, but the next would be behind me, the one after that was from the left, you get the picture. Like trying to follow a “Simon” pattern without seeing the pattern first!

Then, I jumped in to the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival, where RT and I worked at the Bloomin’ Yarns booth all weekend. The bestest part of a very busy Saturday was that SJ and Jenn kept stopping by to say hi. Then they'd go do a lap, come back and I'd hear "pssst!" over my shoulder and they'd be back! Very fun :)

When we were unpacking to set up, I fell in love with three projects (yes, I said projects) worth of yarn. First was the new Noro yarn that is cotton/silk/wool/nylon blend. Hell if I can remember the name of it, but it’s soft and hug-able. Next?

Some amazing Karen’s Kolorways yarns. Karen lives in Bethel Park (a south hills suburb of the ‘Burgh) and just found a silk/wool blend that she really likes. So she went a little bonkers, but they’re very pretty and soft. And then,

Farmhouse Yarns. I’m pretty sure it’s the Mary’s Little Lamb yarn, but good gravy is this stuff awesome. I think the mint colorway wants to be Arwen.

That little stinker RT did hijack my wallet and do some shopping while I was busy working my little fingers to the bone. He did a very good job, though. I’ll get to the goodies that RT picked out for me. Honestly? I’m gonna need to stockpile some stuff for while I’m out of town for three weeks. Holy crap, I leave a week from today!

Anyhow, this was today’s story

It snowed. A lot. Our first real storm of the year.

My California patio furniture doesn’t know what hit it. The answer? About 4-6” of snow! I had my first experience with our new snowblower earlier today. We had a little “getting to know you” experience where I got covered in snow. Here was my sweatshirt post-driveway:

No, I didn’t wear a coat to plow the driveway. It was exercise, and I didn’t want to get too overheated. I’ve certainly determined the best possible footwear for driveway clearing

Thank you, Bruin softball! My Turfs are perfect. Check out the treads on these suckers! I don’t slip an inch no matter what!

Normally, my best buddy in the winter is this engineering marvel that SuperNeighbor hooked me up with

Yep. It’s just a piece of plywood. But it functions like a gigantic shovel and makes driveway clearing a breeze. Unless we get a lot of snow like today. I wasn’t the only thing covered in snow once the driveway was clear

It did good, and now it’s drying off in the garage.

After two 14-hour workdays, I actually think tomorrow is going to be better (Thank God!) The Hubster got sent home early from work because of the weather and may be told to stay home tomorrow as well. I’m just glad that the deluge is going to taper off, even if it’s just for a few days. The relief on the work front means I can pick up my needles again, and hopefully get in some quilting time so I’m ready to roll for my M&Ms meeting. WiP Wednesday tomorrow. Hooray!


mehitabel said...

Life is not fair. I want snow. I want to have to clear the driveway. Instead, what did I get? 80+ degrees, hot dry winds, and so much smog the mountains disappeared! Ah well.
Looks like the festival was fun, anyway! Nice stash enhancement...

SJ said...

Remember what I said yesterday about a snow day? Well I take it back -- we got to leave at 2:30! The roads weren't too terrible, and when I got home I had plenty of time to shovel the driveway, do two loads of laudry, wash two sinkfuls of socks, and still have time to relax. Today it's back to the usual.

Oh, and I completely covet your snowblower. I got a good workout shoveling (so much so that I had to shower), but my shoulder was not happy with me.

Jess said...

I really wanted to go to the festivales this weekend, but really, I would have had an overwhelming breakdown, and my hubs would have left my for quickly blowing through our entire life savings. It was for the best.
I hope you had loads of fun though. :)
I bet you are re shoveling right now cause its coming down again. I shall think of you while I sip my tea and stare out my apartment window, where landlord be snow blowing for me.

Jenn said...

We have a snow thrower (a baby snow blower, sort of) that we got when we lived in Punxsy, but we've used it once here. Our driveway is about 20 feet long, if that and takes about 10 minutes to shovel. What takes longer to shovel is the snow that Scott Township kept depositing at the end of our driveway. Hate that.

That RT is a crafty one, swiping your wallet and going shopping...

Yvonne said...

I'm glad that you are able to come up for air...I wondered where you were! I am going to have to invest in the plywood snow shovel. Seriously.

MollyBeees said...

Ooo! I have got to get to a yarn festival one day. I suppose it's better for my wallet to be out of the loop though.
Quick! Send your plywood to Wisconsin! We have gotten 79 inches of snow this winter and there is more on the way tomorrow! I'm only 62 inches tall!

turtlegirl76 said...

Found it! I still don't see how it would be easy for one person to push snow with that thing. It's huge!