Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Spiral of Socks

NOTE: Fabric voting will end lunch-ish on Monday. I really appreciate everybody's input!

I officially had five finished objects in January. Hooray!

I’m late in posting this, but I swear -- the second sock was bound off with the ends woven in on January 31. Meet my Spiraling Coriolis socks!

This is a pattern that almost exclusively relies on the Master Numbers. I had some issues getting to the “correct” numbers for my socks, but I’m pretty happy with the final result.

The first sock was worked over 64 sts and was snug enough to make me ponder a little bit. Taking a peek at my yarn cake after Sock #1, I figured I had plenty of yarn, but didn’t want to mess with it too much.

So I worked the second sock over 66 sts. I’m hoping that a wash will eliminate the “anti-ladders” on the sides (what do you call it when you are tighter at your needle joins than the rest of the round? Ladders = too loose, so I think I’m making up a new fake term here.) and loosen them up just a tiny bit.

Pattern: Spiraling Coriolis from New Pathways for Sock Knitters by Cat Bordhi
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy, Deep Seaflower. 100% Superwash Merino. As you can see, I had LOTS left over. Purchased at The Loopy Ewe (before I had local sources available)
Needles: KnitPicks US2/2.75mm 16” circulars
Started: 2 January 2008
Finished: 31 January 2008
Mods: First sock (left sock) worked over 64 sts, seemed a little tight. Second sock (right sock) worked over 66 sts.

I loved working with the DIC Smooshy, but it turned my "throwing" finger and pinky "tension" finger blue. Normally, I’m quite happy to throw my handknit socks onto my feet prior to a dip in the “pool” (sink w/Soak), but I didn’t really feel like taking the chance on blue feet, so I haven’t worn them yet.

I have two more hanks of Smooshy sitting in the stash and I AM going to acquire the next hank of Blue Lagoon I can get my sweaty little paws on. I just hope it doesn’t lose its special color in the wash. We shall see!

Oh, and Yay, Giants! Three cheers for the decision to go with the red hobo hoody look instead of the traditional gray. Sorry Jenn!


SJ said...

They are lovely! I'm glad to see that the Smooshy is very generous in its yardage. I'm still undecided about what to do with mine.

Jenn said...

What made me laugh was that he was still wearing the hoodie with what looked to be Dockers. I don't think it comes down to the Patriots caving under the pressure or the Giants wanting it more, the Giants are a bigger, much more physical defense and the offensive line forgot to show up to play. Now Tom Brady knows how Big Ben feels, all that time sitting on his butt on the turf.

And WHHHHHYYYYY did they go for it on that 4th down? It wasn't even close! Give Gostkowski a chance! Bill usually has something tricky up his sleeve, but he picked a bad time to be wrong. My dad is probably more irritated than we are, he really, really, really hates the Mannings. All of them. Probably even their dog.

Oh well, I still have my Celtics, and it's almost baseball time. First I have to make it through March Madness. I'm not a fan of college basketball, there's just too damn much of it.

Ok, I will give you back your comments section now! :D

Yvonne said...

I love the socks! I am so excited to start on the New Pathways book, but I have to finish the monkeys and the rock & weaves first. It's my goal to be done with both by the end of Feb!

MollyBeees said...

These socks are awesome! The color, the pattern! Need to make me some of those!

turtlegirl76 said...

I love the color. So pretty! And DiC Smooshy - those socks must be heaven on your feet!