Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Back to Normal

All of the holiday knitting is finished. Two more FO posts and I’m all caught up! Hooray!

That meant that this week I could cast on for something selfish. There will be a sweater in my near future, but my first selfish project is actually going to be a class sample. Assuming the class flies, but that’s a whole different issue.


This is the Christmas in the Country cowl by fellow DePauw grad Susan Pandorf. Aside from the fact that we share an alma mater (TIGER PRIDE, BABY!!!), she is quite the prolific pattern-writer! I’m hoping to teach a beginning colorwork class at the store, and this will be one of the suggested patterns for students.

I was cruising until I got to the first row with three colors being worked. At which point I took a break and wove in (almost) all of my ends. So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.

I’m sure the Gumdrop Socks will return to the rotation sooner rather than later, but meanwhile it’s nice to have some Cashsoft/CashVero on the needles and a project with no deadline whatsoever.

In other news …

We got a new water heater yesterday


It's high efficiency and quick-recovery. A tankless heater would be really impractical and quite inefficient, actually, because of how long the runs are in our house. That info makes this a good energy-efficient alternative for us, and should qualify for the federal tax rebates.

And the water company is trying to turn our driveway into a skating rink


We’re hoping that the fix isn’t going to involve ripping up our driveway. I have a feeling Penn-American Water wants to do that about as much as we want them to do it. Meanwhile? Salt/calcium is our friend.


Zonda said...

That new sweater is colorful (or whatever it is ;) New water heater is a must sometimes. Our old one lasted 18 yrs. Yikes on the driveway though!

Zonda said...

Ok, sorry, obviously I can't read well..hehe..Your colorful cowl! ;)

Donna Lee said...

Susan is so creative. Her designs are so beautiful. The cowl is looking pretty and very festive. I'd think the class will fly quite well.

turtlegirl76 said...

OOh the cowl looks to be fun! 3 colors in a row though? Hmm. Might be a nice challenge!

That sucks about the driveway. Hopefully they won't tear it up. But if they do, it's on their dollar, right?