Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Mother of All WiPs

Since I finished my Christmas knitting, I have picked up some purely selfish knitting. The Christmas in the Country cowl is finished (FO post to come), so I busted out some Rowan Colourscape that I purchased at Bloomin’s Black Friday sale. Here’s my progress since Saturday night


I’m knitting Alexis from Rowan Colourscape Folk. So far, so good.

In bigger news (literally and figuratively), remember the driveway skating rink I showed you a week ago? Here’s what has happened since. The links below the mosaic will take you to the individual photos in Flickr. I’ve put explanatory comments on all of them. Big fun!

1. 30DecFull.jpg, 2. DSC_0003.jpg, 3. DSC_0006.jpg, 4. IMG_5964.jpg, 5. DSC_0008.jpg, 6. DSC_0032.jpg, 7. IMG_5988.jpg, 8. DSC_0023.jpg, 9. 29DecZone.jpg, 10. DSC_0028.jpg, 11. 29DecHole.jpg, 12. 30DecCorner.jpg, 13. 30DecEmptyhole.jpg, 14. 30DecPump.jpg, 15. IMG_5977.jpg, 16. 30DecJackhammer.jpg

And on that note? I’ve gotta get out of this house for a while. Off to the gym, then for a shower at my parents house. The whole street is water-free for a second day this week. I’m sure my neighbors just LOVE us.


Jessica said...

Oh pretty!!

And OMG not so pretty. But also NOT YOUR FAULT! Neighbors will deal. But I do kinda feel sorry for the dudes deal with the water situation in your town in the middle of winter. Brrr!!!

Jen said...

Oh man. Hope your water/driveway situation is resolved soon!

Zonda said..., that is quite the undertaking, hope you get water back soon! Love the colorscape colorway! Happy New Year!