Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Sprint

It’s the next-to-last WiP Wednesday before Christmas, and I’m actually in pretty good shape. Those socks I showed you last week? They now look like this:


I knit the first sock in three days, got the second sock to the arch expansion on Sunday afternoon, then put that project aside completely in favor of (drumroll please)


A Hippopotamus.

I started this bad boy on Sunday afternoon, and yes. It is a Christmas present. That has to be mailed. Which is why it jumped in line ahead of the socks, which are for a local recipient.

I’m hoping the Hippo can be finished tonight at Hurricane Knitters. It’s going quickly, but I don’t think it is looking very Hippo-like at the moment. Hopefully arms, legs, ears and embroidery will take care of that problem. As you can see, both arms and one leg has been knit. Second leg is on the needles. The finish line is in sight!

It’s off to the races as we negotiate the last week-plus until Christmas here at chez DPUTiger!


floribunda... aka Julie said...

if you find a rhinoceros pattern, let me know (it's just a small fetish...) can't wait to see the finished hippo, though. in the photo it looks like a very cold baby-doll!

Donna Lee said...

The socks look like candy canes! How perfect for christmas lounging!

Bezzie said...

YOu're booking on those socks! Dang!!!

And I think he looks like a hippo. A blind limbless hippo--but a hippo!