Monday, December 12, 2011


I finished three projects on Friday night. Yeah, none of them needed much work, but still. That’s a big day!

The first thing I finished is McHenry, a Christmas present for my 2-year-old nephew in Little Rock. The minute we got Interweave Holiday Gifts 2011 in at the store, I flipped through it and saw a Susan B. Anderson toy section. At that point, I knew I was buying the magazine.

Because I think Susan B. Anderson is magic.

Anyhow. McHenry

I had this picture in my head the entire time I was knitting McHenry. Fortunately, Sydney’s humans let her out right when I was taking pictures yesterday. And she cooperated, for the most part.

Like all Anderson patterns, McHenry is knit in pieces and everything is sewn together. He has poly pellets (inside some old panty hose) in his butt and is otherwise stuffed with polyfill.

He’d been done for most of a week, and I kicked off Friday’s Finishing Frenzy by embroidering his face.

As always with Anderson's toys, I can’t quite manage to get the drape in the limbs that she achieves. Yes, I am a tight knitter. Why do you ask?


Susan’s patterns always have great little details. This dog would have been cute all by himself, but the spot on his back is particularly adorable. The spot is knit separately and sewn on, same with his tail.


I think it’s slightly hilarious that I used Blue Sky Skinny Dyed cotton for one of my favorite vests, and the scraps from that sweater are in at least two other projects. The collar is also cotton and came from the scrap bin at the store.

Unsurprisingly, McHenry is incredibly cute and is already on his way to Little Rock. Here’s hoping he has a long and fun life with my nephew.



Pattern: McHenry by Susan B. Anderson. Available in Interweave Knits, Holiday Gifts 2011
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Organic
Color: Clay
Quantity: Less than a skein
Source: Bloomin Yarns
Needles: US 5 DPNs
Started: 26 November 2011
Finished: 9 December 2011
Mods: None. You think I’m gonna mess with the Toy Master?


Jenn said...

He's wonderful!!! I too fell in love with him in the magazine. Just didn't do anything about it yet. But you've inspired me!

SJ said...

So cute! This pattern is now in my long line of toys to knit.

Great pictures, too. The shot with Sydney is awesome, but my favorite is the very last photo. That dog looks happy!