Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WiP Wednesday

Sorry I’m late today, I’ve been busy writing for pennies.

Since my Friday finishing binge, the two stretches of knitting time I’ve had have both gone into my socks-in-progress.


I got from pre-arch-increases to the heel turn in one sitting, from short rows to heel flap decreases in the second. Now all that’s left is the leg and I’m back to knitting on my own projects.

Sewing is going to be taking up a decent chunk of time in the immediate future. Both some gift-sewing and a flavor of commission sewing. All holidays, all the time around here.

Speaking of which, that rather simple picture shows three of my favorite things.

Socks that Rock (this particular base is their Mediumweight)

The stitch marker you see is a 10-row counter from Hide and Sheep. They are my very most favorite row counters and I intend to acquire more.

And, finally, the bag is from my new favorite pusher, JessaLu. It’s becoming quite the addiction. Although that puts me in some good company, so it’s OK. Plus the sewing on these bags is awesome. Go give her Artfire and Etsy shops a look. You won’t regret it. (and, if you happen to be shopping for me, I'd love one of her Stormtrooper bags. Which is the same price as her Dr. Who bags. Just sayin' ...) A sneaky friend got me that particular bag already. But I'm sure JessaLu will come up with another one I love in the not too distant future!

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