Friday, January 03, 2014

Actually, I Don’t Love It …

It was Thanksgiving Day 2012 when I got a text from my dear friend Sara saying that her knitting pattern, Love Actually is All Around had been accepted to Knitty.

There are many reasons I decided to knit this cowl.

Support my friend Sara by knitting her pattern.

Support another friend by using SpaceCadet Yarn.

Have a clue what was happening with the KAL that SpaceCadet hosted on our Ravelry group, since I’m a mod over there.

Learn a new technique (that’s always a good idea!)

 I had taken Sara’s pictures for her submission to Knitty, and I’ll admit that those are much better than the two I snapped of my finished cowl before it went off to live in the SpaceCadet samples bin.

Double knitting is a cool technique. It yields a two-sided tube that is identical on both sides in the way a negative is identical to the photographic print it creates (Yep. I’m old. I used to develop/print my own pictures!) I had a few hiccups on the “inside” of the cowl. Once I figured it out and had hit the halfway point of the project, I was ready to be done. But I persevered, and finished it anyway.

Yay, learning a new technique! I doubt I’ll run to double knitting any time soon, but hey, now I know how to do it!

Love Actually Cowl 

Pattern: Love Actually is All Around by Sara Bench 
Size: Cowl-sized 
Yarn: SpaceCadet Creations Astrid 
Colors: Heartbeat and Torment (both were Poor Plutos, having small flaws) 
Amount: One skein of each 
Needles: US 8 
Started: 15 February 2013 
Finished: 9 May 2013 
Mods: HAHAHAHAhahahaha … No mods. Just mistakes!

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