Thursday, January 09, 2014

WiP Thursday

So I kind of missed yesterday. It was a busy SpaceCadet day. I took this pile

That’s a black-and-white photo, folks. I can’t spoil the surprise!

Matched everything up with a “shiny” and dyers notes and got rid of this mountain.

The Yarn Alliance is on its way today!

Yes, this was Polar Vortex Week here in the East. The Hubster was out of town for the first half of the week, so I took a pic of our indoor/outdoor thermometer for him on Tuesday night. Just FYI, the clock is set to Daylight Time, and since it sits right next to a correctly-set clock that’s easier to see, I never bother to change it.

And, in other news, I was in a hurry yesterday, but I did snap a picture of my Leftie-in-Progress:

The color from last week is actually true. The above pic is way too blue. But you can see how much progress I’ve made! My main skein is looking a little thin, so we’ll just see where this thing ends up.

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SJ said...

I am just trying to wrap my head around how all those boxes make it to the PO and how much all the postage costs! It's a good thing Stephanie has help from you, or we might find her buried under all those boxes.