Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Yeah, I did a little bit of that today, on my morning constitutional in downtown Seattle. The down side was that we didn't stay in the funky little hotel where we normally stay. Up-side is that I was able to walk to So Much Yarn! in downtown. It was fun!

I got a little bit of yarn (spent under $40) and will have photos later. I cut it a little close with my walk back through the market, so I didn't have time for a hotel photo shoot.

SJ had warned me about making sure the cuff on my Jaywalkers possibly being too small to get over my heel. I remembered this warning while on the airplane last night, but just kept knitting away while watching the end of Stranger than Fiction and most of The Prestige. (I watched the Prestige in three chunks. Gotta watch it again all in one sitting before I send it back to Netflix). Liked the 2nd movie better, but there's a lot of detail and I missed chunks of it because of how I watched it.

Anyhoo, once I got to the hotel, I tried on the sock. And couldn't get the damn thing over my heel. Freaked out a little bit. Then decided that my kick-ass KnitPicks DPNs were the problem.

So I got out my darning needle and threw those live stitches onto a strand of dental floss and tried it on. A little snug, but definitely do-able.

No interesting photo ops for RT in seattle, so the Jaywalker photo is it. Gotta keep the instructions handy. Hoping to turn that heel on the trip home tonight. Have a great Wednesday!

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Sarah said...

Yay, sock is looking good! My Jaywalkers are always snug to get over the heel, but you want them to be that way so they don't fall down around your ankles once they're on. If you can get this much over your heel, you'll be fine!