Wednesday, April 25, 2007

RT visits 'Furd

Lots of work, not a ton of knitting. Please bear with me!

Last Friday, Roaming Tigger (RT) and I took a two-hour walk around Stanford's campus. Wasn't it nice for them to welcome us?

Well, it was also Admissions Weekend, so the sign wasn't specifically for us ... but still :)

We entered campus off of the "main drag" onto the formal entrance of campus. It's very impressive. Stanford has an amazing amount of open space in and around campus. It's very quiet, and relaxing and it truly feels like a college campus. Still. Academic. Beautiful.

RT's head is hiding an admissions tour group in front of Memorial Church, which is on Stanford's main quad. This is my favorite part of campus, and I believe it is the original part.

Herbert Hoover was a member of one of the first classes at Stanford. Hoover Tower not only has an observation deck, but it houses a library and research center. It's a neat building with lots of history to it, and it's a landmark that you can see from just about anywhere on Stanford's campus. RT and I didn't go to the top (I did that on my own last year), but enjoyed our trip around campus regardless.

Just to prove that there has been some knitting, I cast this on last Friday (April 20) in the hotel at Stanford. I did K2P2 ribbing the whole way up to Cal after Friday's game and have been doing the two pattern rows ever since. This photo was taken just before I got on a plane to Seattle this afternoon. The sock in question is now about 5" along. My secret goal is to get the heel turned tomorrow so I can get it mostly finished on the trip home. Wish me luck! (Oh, and a little luck with the weather tomorrow would be appreciated as well!)

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Sarah said...

I LOVE how the sock is knitting up!