Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Making Progress

After a quiet Sunday that was highlighted by the fact that I never changed out of my pajamas, I have survived the bulk of the first two weekdays.

In between, I have finished some pieces of projects.

The first sleeve for the brown cable sweater is done. One more sleeve to go, plus front neck decreases and various other stages of finishing.

Then, I moved along to the "stretchy cuffs" of my slipper socks.

Modeled by Baxter. If the slippers never get felted, these could be legwarmers for him. The cuff still on the needles is at about 3.25" and finishes at 4.5" so it will probably be done tonight.

Yes, this is the famous KnitPicks Memories in Yukon colorway. I have enjoyed this yarn ... enough so that the other colorways I was picking from for this project are now winging their way across the US along with some sock needles. *sigh* yes, it's a sickness!

I still need to get my V-neck on a holder. Forgot to take a picture of that one. sorry! The back is done and when I get back from my weekend road trip, I'll probably cast on for the front of said V-neck sweater. I also want to get Sleeve #2 for the brown cable going since I'm mildly concerned that my stash is a skein short of this color to finish the sweater. Egads!

Well, I have one or two small things to take care of before I can leave for home, so I'd better get to that. Have a great evening!

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Sarah said...

That sleeve of yours is, er, very brown. ;-) What does the whole sweater look like?