Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why Am I Here?

And which circle of hell is it?

Those are the two questions that have been running through my head all day.

This event that I'm attending is ... wow. I'm in Houston, Texas, and the "facility" is lacking:

• Air Conditioning or a fan
• A tarp for the field
• Internet access
• Running water

Yep. Port-A-Potties in 90 degree heat with 95% humidity. Big fun. Can't even splash some water on your face or un-sticky your hands at any point during the day. Awesome.

I tried to knit a little bit, and I got about one round of my sock done, but when I was just sticky and miserable all day? no fun at all.

I'm back at the hotel, showered and ready for bed. I honest to God do not have the first clue why I'm here. it's just flushing a bunch of work days during the busiest time of year. Exactly what I don't need.


No pictures today. It's just too damn hot to even think about knitting.


floribunda said...

Hey -- I hope things get better! I feel that most of the meetings I go to are a waste of time, but I guess I'm luckier about avoiding the really miserable weather... and of course I don't work in the sports world, and porta-potties are definitely not an option! (on the other hand, I rarely get to work outside...)

Anonymous said...
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turtlegirl76 said...

Wow that certainly sounds like one of the circles of hell! The porta potties are just the icing on the cake.

Sarah said...

Yuck! I'm pretty sure it's illegal to require you to work where there is no running water. You might want try mumbling "OSHA" every now and then and see if that has any effect.

Jenn said...

Port-a-potties plus 90 degree heat plus humidity = AIEE RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

When we walk Rufus in the park during the summer, I try to stay far, far away from the port-a-potties. Rufus, naturally, thinks they're great and wants to smell all of them. Gag.

Anonymous said...

How many more days are you there?

DPUTiger said...

I get home on Sunday afternoon. Four games/day Wed, Thu, Fri, then 1-3 games on Saturday. I have wireless at the field today, so it's going to be much more bearable (i hope) :)