Thursday, May 22, 2008

WiP Wednesday Thursday

My job is … interesting these days. Nearly complete lack of communication, which is a serious problem since I work 1,000 miles away from the main office.

So I spent all day yesterday writing and catching up on stuff that I didn't know I had to do, and didn’t have time to take my WiP Wednesday photos before I left for Hurricane Knitters and was too tired to do it when I got home last night.

Today was a good mail day. Well, half a good mail day. I got a box from my in-laws with a “birthday present.” I use the quotations because … well, they did great with a gift cert at Christmas for The Loopy Ewe. For my birthday? A signed autobiography that I’ll never read by some guy I’ve never heard of who used to play for the Cubs.


But I did get a second Priority Mail box today and THAT was good. It was a little advance birthday present from me to me. A new pair of sock blockers!

Now never fear, I’m not going to give up my fabulous Turtle Daddy sock blockers any time soon. But these are the pair that got me seriously thinking about sock blockers late last summer. Someone mentioned them on Ravelry, I clicked over to Etsy and there they were … available! So an early Happy Birthday to Me!

Wanna see what they look like? Well, they’re modeling my WiP:

I got the heel turned on Cables & Corrugations Sock #2 yesterday at Hurricane Knitters. I should be able to get this sock finished relatively quickly, then I “get” to rip out the first sock to fix my f’d up cable. ::sigh::


::ahem:: What was I saying? Oh yeah. My new sock blockers. They’re from Fearless Fibers and they’re made of cedar. So they smell fantastic. And they’re about ¾” thick. Very cool!

Here’s another look at my socks-in-progress on my new blockers.

Oh, and when I’m not using them? They’re gonna live in the Sock Yarn Cabinet and use their smelly goodness to tell moths to keep away.

I love the smell of cedar. Yay!


floribunda said...

very nice socks! I wish I had more time to knit... and sleep...

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!
And thank you for the link for the cedar sock blockers. I just ran over and snatched up the men's pair. I want to either carve, woodburn, or somehow embellish them for decoration in my craft room. Thank you for finding them!

Jenn said...

I was wondering how the cable-fixing turned out, not so well, I guess.

Sarah said...

Mmm, I can only imagine how yummy your sock yarn is going to smell!

turtlegirl76 said...

Nice blockers! I need to get more done up for my shop. *sigh*