Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 In Review

It appears that it was a rather prolific year of crafting here at chez DPUTiger. The mosaic maker can only accept 36 photos for the mosaic, and I was just under the wire with 35 finished project posts!

There are two additional projects that have been sent out for some level of finishing. You’ll see those again in 2010. Meanwhile, I was able to sew more in 2009, which is a good thing and something I hope to continue into 2010.

The final tally includes four scarfs (Noro Scarf II, Bright Stripes, JC’s Moebius, Stealth/NU Scarf), nine pairs of adult socks (Leyburns, Cloning Anemone, Holidazed, SB09, Smurf Killers, Erin’s Socks, Calvin & Ripple, Christmas Class, Holiday Holidazed), three pairs of hand coverings (Knucks, Postwar Mittens, Lychee Mittens), five quilts (Picnic Plaid, Pineapple, Baby Bargello, Pumpkinstein, Quilt for Tiffany), three bags (Bagstoppers 1, 2 and 3), five adult sweaters (Cabled Vest, Yin-Yang, Mondo Vest, Side-to-Side, Big Thaw), four baby items (Ellie’s Eco Tulip, Nephew Tulip, Baby Bobbi Bears), two Christmas Stockings, one cowl (Christmas in the Country) and a Hippopotamus.


1. Noro Scarf II, 2. Leyburn Socks, 3. Knucks, 4. Cloning Anemone Socks, 5. Holidazed Socks, 6. Cabled Vest, 7. Postwar Mittens, 8. Softball Socks 2009, 9. Picnic Plaid quilt, 10. PPPPineapple Quilt, 11. Everlasting Bagstopper, 12. Bagstopper #2, 13. Yin-Yang Bolero, 14. Baby Bargello Quilt, 15. Ellie’s Eco Tulip, 16. Nephew Tulip, 17. Smurf Killer Socks, 18. Erin’s Socks, 19. Mondo Cable Vest, 20. Bright Stripes Scarf, 21. Side-to-Side Vest, 22. JC’s Moebius, 23. Calvin & Ripple Socks, 24. Christmas Class Socks, 25. Pumpkinstein, 26. Bagstopper #3, 27. Baby Quilt for Tiffany, 28. Big Thaw, 29. Baby Bobbi Bears, 30. Lychee Mittens, 31. Christmas Stockings, 32. A Hippopotamus for Christmas, 33. Holiday Holidazed, 34. Stealth/NU Scarf, 35. Christmas in the Country Cowl

Links go to the finished object blog posts for that particular project. Thanks for playing along here at Have Projects, Will Travel and we will look to continue with more of the same in 2010! (Minus the Craptastic Summer of Suck ™ I hope. I admit to being happy that 2009 is just about in the rear-view mirror.)

I've been participating in a Ravelry STASH KAL since Labor Day, and I've used 40 skeins and 7,180 yards of stash yarn in finished projects. The KAL is re-setting on January 15. I don't plan any additional yarn purchases between now and the start of the KAL and my weakness seems to be sales (hi, Mom!). If I can stay away from sales, then a tiny bit of club yarn should be all that enters the house between now and the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival. Here's hoping I can stick to that plan!

Happy New Year everyone! Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2010 and thanks for reading my blog!


Anonymous said...

I am in awe!

Zonda said...

Happy New Year! Go you on the FO's and yardage used!

Bezzie said...

Very nice! Lotta baby stuff in there! Here's to less suck more fun in 2010!

Donna Lee said...

Here, here! I'm glad to see 2009 in the rearview mirror, too. You have some lovely fo's there. What a productive year it was. I think I'd like to plan some nice gifts for family for next year and since I am slow as molasses uphill in January, I need to start now.

Sarah said...

That's quite an impressive list of finished projects -- but you forgot at least one, the quilt you made for Rainbow! We just love it and are planning on using it on the floor for "tummy time."

Jen said...

Holy busy year, Batman!

Molly Bee said...

Holy Cow! I bow to your greatness! Beautiful work!