Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Another Wednesday, Another Boring Post!

Hi! My life is boring and I have no blog fodder. Well, I have a tiny bit. I finished the gift for my niece with an assist to Sandy at Bloomin, who helped me muchly with the picot crochet edging. A FO post for that one will be coming once I get the ends woven in and the buttons sewn on.

Which means I’ve gotten back to knitting Pavillion!


I finished the second sleeve during the early parts of the Duke/Butler game on Monday night and was on to the 2x2 ribbing of the back by the time things got really interesting. Which was perfect, because what’s better for tense knitting than a nice simple 2x2 rib?

I’m also hauling the gumdrop socks around. They have seen very little action since you last saw them at the end of January, but here’s a new photo anyway:


Yeah. Exciting stuff there. But still, I’m going to get going on these again so I can move onward and upward to a happier pair of socks. Hooray!


Jen said...

Looking forward to seeing your niece's dress!

turtlegirl76 said...

Yay! Back to the pretty sweater!

Sarah said...

Can't wait to see the dress!

Molly Bee said...

Ohh! Pretty! Especially the gumdrop sock color!

Heather said...

I went in to get a pattern for that dress. They were out so I picked another cute one...with seed stitch! And some green Merlin. I am happy! I finished the Ragman, so I am winding up for a new start. yea!