Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WiP Wednesday, On the Fly!

I was sick all of last week and when I couldn’t find my card reader (the Hubster had swiped it!), I punted. So here are my pics from last week

Christmas Present #1, Knucks

Christmas Present #2, Watch Cap

Those were both finished in time and gifted last Friday. Hooray!

Massively Stressful Project was finished in time and handed over to the client. Double Hooray!!

I’m in California at the moment. Tigger and I took a hike yesterday. I have more pictures and will blog that trip, possibly tonight. Here’s a teaser:


And here’s what I’ve been knitting since I’ve been away from home. A “reverse colorway” pair of Northman’s Mittens! They’re flying along and I lurve them!


Expect my end-of-year wrap-up post to be much later than Friday. I’ll be on a plane all day that day, plus I have a crapload of finished projects I still need to blog. I’m gonna do it (I like the simple reference for all of my finished projects on an annual basis) and I’ll probably just blog a bunch of them and set them to post daily while I’m watching ALL THE GAMES on Saturday. Can’t wait!


floribunda said...

I don't recognize that bit of California -- where are you? Come visit if you're in the north!

Donna Lee said...

I was sick last week,too. Nasty cold. I'm envious of the sunny warmth of your photo. It's been really cold here and then the snow. I like the colors of the mitten!

Enjoy your vacation (and I'm glad the big project is finally done. Feels good, doesn't it?)

Sarah said...

Love those new mittens! I'm getting the itch to knit another pair for myself, so I'll have to check out the pattern.