Wednesday, December 08, 2010

WiP Wednesday

I haven’t touched the Musique socks.

I haven’t touched Nonpareil.

No weaving is happening … I finished the commission stuff so I could put the loom away and get a Christmas tree.

Oh yeah, the tree!


Tree is in the house, in the stand and sucking down water like there’s no tomorrow. But it’s not decorated yet. We’ll get there. Eventually.

I desperately need to buckle down and do some commission sewing. But I don’t wanna. Which means I’m getting a gold medal in procrastination.

But I have been putting in some good time on my last scheduled piece of deadline knitting. Bagstopper #4 is well into the second skein. Yay, quick knits!


Since it’s Weaving Wednesday and the loom is on the shelf until after the first of the year, I’m going to lock myself in the dungeon and sew. All. Day. Or until I’m done. Whichever one comes first. Gotta turn these into a pair of quilt tops.


Send cookies.


Sarah said...

Nice-looking tree!

Good luck with the sewing deadline. I actually sat down and made myself a to-do list yesterday, and I realized that I have about two weeks to knit and felt three pairs of slippers. Time to get a move on.

Donna Lee said...

My holiday crafting is done. I promised myself that I would only make socks for my immediate family and I started in August so it wasn't much of a strain. I'd love to finish my husband's sweater but that's not likely. I just knit too slow.