Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Koolhaas Hat

Stand by for a bit of a parade of finished projects. I have three things to show you! (following the Turtlegirl rules of one FO per post, of course)


This hat went pretty quickly. If I had focused on it, and not put it aside for other projects at multiple points, it would have been done in about a week.

Oh, speaking of focus? (or lack thereof) I kind of goofed up the first round off the ribbing, but I decided I didn’t care. And now? I can hardly even tell what I did wrong, even if I look. So I’d say that was a good decision.


I tinked and re-knit several of the decrease rounds, and those were the only points where I got grumpy with the Shokay yak yarn I was using. It got a little fuzzy a little faster than I would have liked when I ripped and re-knit. It also had a knot early in the skein, but I didn’t feel like tinking back most of the ribbing, so I just left it and wove in the ends later.

Color is most accurate in this and the following photo.

On one of my WiP Wednesday posts for this project, somebody asked if I was using a cable needle for this project. The answer to that is Hell to the NO! With all the 1/1 cables in this hat, I’d have stabbed myself in the eye with that cable needle before I finished if I’d had to use a cable needle. Much easier without.

Oh, and a Pro Tip: I respond via email to every comment left on this blog. Unless you don’t provide an email address. Then I don't/can't.

All in all, this was a hat I’ll knit once. Good thing I bought the pattern on a 99¢ sale from Interweave. I think I got my buck out of that purchase with one use, since I doubt I’ll knit it again. Too fussy for my tastes. Here’s hoping it’s a nice warm hat!

(we seem to have skipped winter this year, so I’m not expecting to find out until next year)


Koolhaas Hat

Pattern: Koolhaas by Jared Flood
Size: The larger one. I knit the 5th repeat because I wanted it to easily cover my ears.
Yarn: Shokay Shambala Yak
Color: Natural
Quantity: One skein. Minus 4 yards (I used 160 of 164 available yards)
Started: 30 December 2011
Finished: 31 January 2012
Mods: None that were intentional.


pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Well done! It looks great. It's inspired by the Seattle Public Library, right? I have the pattern in a magazine, somewhere, and love the look of it, but have never felt like fussing with the knitting...yet.

Sarah said...

That has got to be one cozy hat! You still might get to wear it this year -- have you seen the forecast for today and this weekend?

I totally agree with you about the cables, by the way. It would take me weeks to finish it if I used a cable needle.

Donna Lee said...

I don't like hats that fit my head too tight. They make my head itch. I love the design on that one but I think you're right. One would be enough. I'm still looking for a beret pattern I think I'll like.