Wednesday, September 20, 2006


How did I spend my evening? About 20 feet from the Barenaked Ladies at the brand new Borders at the Century City mall. AWESOME! I was less than a first down away from the band. HOLY CRAP!

BNL came out with their latest album, Barenaked Ladies Are Me last Tuesday. This was an hour-long set and a signing, and it was FANTASTIC.

This is how close I was to the band. Hi, Ed! Got at least one great shot of 4 of the 5 band members. Jim came up front to sing "Spider in my Room" and Tyler came up front to read from a Jackie Collins book. Kev never came out from behind his keyboard and there was a huge speaker set in the way. I got one decent pic, but it's a little far away.

Besides, I can't photo edit for crap on my home computer. Too used to using Photoshop, so I'll bring everything to the office and post more stuff tomorrow :)

I know this is supposed to primarily be a knitting quilting blog, but I figure those are both things I'm passionate about. I love music, but my list of artists that I get passionate about is pretty short. BNL, The Clarks and Bruce Springsteen, preferably with the E Street Band, but I liked the Seeger Sessions too. Anyhow, BNL's music is something that I really love and enjoy, so they get blog space.

I'm about 4" into the cuff of my first sock. Need to keep cranking so I'm ready for Saturday's class. Am also knitting away on my Touche (it's farther along by an inch or two from where it was when I ripped it out, and I've started the cable on the front of my alpaca. More knitting photos soon! Thanks for indluging my BNL obsession, and I hope you give BLAM (Barenaked Ladies are Me) a chance. It's really good! ;-)

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