Friday, September 15, 2006


I've been doing a fair amount of knitting, although I got a bunch of cutting and pinning done last night so I can accomplish a lot at Bearly tonight for Friday Night. Here are some knitting update photos!

First, the Berocco Touche. Love this yarn, but when I got to the end of the first skein, it was looking awfully narrow. Stopped by Beach Knitting this morning and Irma confirmed it. Yep. WAY too small! So, this yarn will eventually look like this again, but only after I cast on again and get it knitted to the end of the first skein!

Next, my peacock-colored misti alpaca. LOVE this yarn, and there's just enough difference between the blue and green to make it look fabulous. This is the perfect size, so I'll just keep cranking on the back. I had to laugh ... I'm using a Nashua pattern and when I put the cable pattern on index cards, I was very confused by the following line: "Put 1 stitch on cable needle, hold in back. Knit 2, Purl 1 french"

French? What the hell is that? I call knitting buddy Beth. No clue. Ask Irma at BK today. No clue. Fortunately, Desley took the bull by the horns and called Nashua to ask what on earth it means to "P1 french" The answer? It was a typo -- was supposed to say "P1 from cable needle" which makes MUCH more sense!

Here's a finished object photo of my Sirdair Denim Ultra. It's the same yarn as the lavendar/purple sweater I featured in one of my first postings, but remember I said that the Sweater Wizard pattern got it a little screwed up? AND it was measured for a me that's rapidly approaching 90 lbs heaver than I am now? I think that four of me could fit in this sweater. I cropped my head out b/c I had this goofy thing going on with my face. Sorry!

And now, onto bigger and scarier trouble. Beads. I decided that I wanted to be able to make stitch markers for knitting and I'm also quite intrigued by this cool row counter bracelet I saw here. So last night, I trotted down the street to The Bead Studio on Artesia and took a beginning wire wrapping class.

It's a good thing I'm not a big-time jewelry person (although with the "new me" I can see I'm goign to have to start wearing what I have more often!). I can see the potential for getting deep into this beading thing in a hurry. It's fun!

So what did I make? First, we used a head pin to make this pendant. I didn't have any change handy, so this is my '03 championship ring (size 9) included for scale. Then we used "practice wire" (24 gage non-tarnish) to make this bracelet. Same ring included in the middle. It was fun!

Okey dokey. Off to get into the quilting groove! Pictures of tonight's escapades soon. Have a great weekend!

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