Thursday, September 07, 2006

What time is the game?

Well, at least I know what time the game starts. ESPNEWS has had a "Countdown to Kickoff" clock on their scroll most of the day, and it was off by an hour (set for a 9:30 pm ET kickoff) until about 4 pm eastern time. Way to go, guys!

I had another picture I took on Tuesday night to share. I'm finished with my Stripe cardigan. Well, I still need to attach the buttons and weave in the ends, but other than that, done! It's made with Trendsetter Stripe yarn in the "Lavendar Haze" colorway. Yes, it is all one yarn! Self-striping and the slip stitch pattern is fun and enjoyable. Goes quickly too, since I think this was done on a US 10 needle if I remember right. My only complaint was a quality control issue. This yarn had LOTS of knots in the balls. At least I had a colorway that had very rare patches of "raw" undyed yarn. Some of the other colors had big hunks of no dye. My situation was annoying, but not fatal.

Of course, this sweater was sized for the larger me, so I'll be swimming in it. That's OK. My office is so damn cold that although it's about 85 degrees outside, I'm wearing fleece socks, lined slippers and a great new LL Bean sweater that I got on sale. (navy blue). I love LL Bean. This sweater has been calling my name for over a year. Problem is that I can't decide between mock turtle and cardigan, or between the mallard teal and cream.

I've started the decreases on Sleeve #1 for my Cherry Tree Hill shell so I should be able to finish that sleeve tonight. I am also itching to sew (still) so I'll finish digging out my sewing cabinet and bust out my halloween blocks for football sewing. Only problem with that plan is that I'll have to schlepp everything upstairs to sew during the game, then right back downstairs to go to Bearly for Friday Night tomorrow. Oh, the price we pay ...

I'll shoot more photos tonight so I can blog again tomorrow. That's the plan, anyway! In addition to the game, Chris (the Hubster) tells me that I got a care package from my mom today. I have the bestest parents EVER!!!!! GO STEELERS! :)

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