Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Sad Day

Well, my digital camera seems to have crapped out on me. It has been my faithful companion for about three years now and I have been completely happy with it, but now it isn't processing anything.

While at the BNL show last week, and at a few other times before then, the display would show a "strip-ey" photo particularly when using a flash. I had a few of these photos on Tuesday at BNL, but not consistently enough to really worry about.

On Friday night at Sandy's house, everyone was finishing awesome projects. Anne finished the top for a black background pineapple quilt. Lisa first finished her snowman row robin, then her Paula Nadlestern top. I finished the first of my two M&Ms mini group blocks. Do I have pictures? NO! When I turn it on, it shows the Coolpix logo. If I review photos I have taken, there are the Barenaked Ladies staring back at me. But if I try to take a picture, I get a flickering black screen. Not good.

After the NFL games this morning, we're going to meet up with some friends who are about to move to Tennessee. Either before or after the anticipated meal, we're going back to the store where we bought the camera and will either repair or replace my good 'ol Coolpix 3100.

The good news? If we replace, I'll probably be getting a 5 or 6 megapixel camera to replace my 3 mexapixel. Not the worst thing ever!

Hope you had a great weekend and I'll be able to take knitting update photos soon. :)

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